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Welcome to my Regency World!

Hello Regency Romance lovers everywhere!

Welcome to my fledgling website. Here, in my news section I plan to post details of events, opinions, places I have visited and great books I have read.

I am a struggling Regency Romance author who has a desire to read and write stories with a little of the feel of the old style books of the genre. I am not necessarily advocating a return to no physical intimacy, but a return to the light hearted fun that I feel has been lost in the pursuit of passion.

A steamy scene has its place, and I am not adverse to a little spice, but I want romance too. And I want a hero who has more than a pretty face (or bulging pantaloons).

So check back here soon for details of where to buy my first ebook. I hope very much that you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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