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For everyone who wanted Emma and Marcus’s story…

– book 3 of my Regency Gentlemen series is now on Amazon. This is for all the lovely ladies who have supported me, who have sent me emails and kind words of encouragement, and for everyone who wanted Emma and Marcus’s story – I really hope you enjoy it.

This was actually the first book I wrote, but it became too long and so I decided to break the Duke of Malvern and Louisa out into their own book (A Gentleman and a Scoundrel) to give more focus to my central characters.

I am happy to have finished it at last – my only regret is that my Mum isn’t here to read it. I was writing this book for her when she died suddenly of a stroke and it will always be a regret of mine that she never got to read a word of anything I have written.

Anyway, hopefully she’s in heaven now and they have e-reading devices up there!


Norma x

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